Donny archanjo

O ateliê

Why to dress

Donny Archanjo?

To dress Donny Archanjo is to wear elegance and singularity, to experience uniqueness. And there is nothing more appropriate than a unique dress for a unique moment. Donny Archanjo has been present in the bridal world, bridesmaids and debutants for 25 years. Not only physically, but also emotionally. It gives them the certainty that the dress was divinely created, for it had the presence of the light of an angel; the confidence that the wings of the dress will lead you the whole way; and the happiness provided always preserved in memory.

Creation concept

Donny Archanjo


Its purpose is to highlight the best in women. Create a peculiar harmony by merging feminine beauty with his talent. Always devoting a part of himself on his creations, transferring fragments of his own essence to the dress... As if an angel invested one of his feathers to generate a work.


Based on this style, we use as the main element in the logo, a feather. Which characterizes and consolidates the idea that "An Archangel" was here, and that "I am safe".